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About us?

Under the disalud.com brand, a team of Professionals who offer Personalized Supplies, Attention and Integrated Solutions for Prevention and Health Care in Medical, Rehabilitation and Veterinary Clinics meet.

Creating synergies and complementing their experience to provide an effective and efficient response to the needs of customers.

Our history.

Grupo DiSalud Te Cuida was born from the union of the companies Pharmacy José Mª Zaragozá and Difarza, SL, formed by community pharmacists, opticians, orthopedists, health professionals and clinical analysts dedicated since 1980 to the prevention of diseases and health care with a extensive experience in Comprehensive Health Services and extensive experience in consulting and optimization of resources that companies allocate to quality of life, coordinated with the Medical and Prevention Services.

Since 1996, disalud.com has specialized in the supply and distribution of clinical health products, providing services from clinics to hospitals centres.

Our commitment is to provide comprehensive solutions, monitoring needs and service beyond the sale of products.

Our strengths are the knowledge of the sector and an agile structure.

What we offer?

 Consulting-in collaboration with Clinics, Medical Services and Risk Prevention Services in Mutual Companies and Companies (Occupational Health).

 Medication Information Service directed by a health professional in permanent contact with the Medical Services.

 Special services for the care of the Quality of life in Residential Centers, Rehabilitation Centers, Sports Medicine, Human and Veterinary Clinics, Hospitals and Official Organizations.

 Customized studies, adaptation, needs and optimization of costs by treatment or by application of the products.

 Representation of accredited brands and selected manufacturers. All our products have the appropriate certifications and quality controls according to the Current Regulation.

What do we sell?

Wide Catalog Distribution with the best professional advice and the best value for money of the following product categories:

1.-Safety-Hygiene and Occupational Health-Risk Prevention: Individual Protection Equipment (E.P.I.s) and other materials for Occupational Health. Safety and industrial hygiene.

2.-Medical and veterinary devices: Clinical and rehabilitation apparatus, Diagnostic and measuring instruments, Electromedical equipment, Therapy equipment, Specialties equipment.

3-Emergency Teams, First Aid and First Aid Kit: Oxygen Therapy, Resuscitators,CPR, Defibrillators, Folding trolleys, Matetines, Fixed and portable first aid kits, Maritime first aid kits according to Ship Regulations.

4.-Orthopedics, Technical Aids, Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy: Orthopedic products, prostheses and prostheses. Wheelchairs and aids to walking. Electric Beds and Antiescaras Mattresses. Cranes and elevators. Bathroom aids and everyday appliances. Sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Pilates and Teaching Disabled adapted activities.

5.-Consumable Medical Medical Products and Clinical Instrument: Healing material for wounds, antiseptics, gauze, cottons, sutures, bandages, consumables, puncture material (syringes, needles, infusion, perfussion ...), German and Pakistani surgical instruments.

6.-Clinical Furniture and Gyms-Rehabilitation: Recognition Tables, Healing trolleys and auxiliary tables, cabinets, stools, etc. Mats, tatami, ramps, exercise tables, foot and hand baths, stairs, parallels, etc.


Since 2017, we have started an export programme for a selection of articles that for their quality, as well as for their price, we consider of high interest for your market.


-Monofilament Propipolylene.

-Silk multifilament.

-Polyamide-coated Multifilament (Supramid).

-Multifilament Braided Polyester-Silicone (Terylene).

-Stainless steel monofilament.

-Normal and fast braided polyglycolic acid coated (PGA/PGA Rapid).

-Polyglycolic acid and caprolactone monofilament.

-Polydioxanone monofilament (PDO).

-Polyester-Teflon braided multifilament (Supolene).

-Polyamide monofilament (Nylon).

-Monofilament Synthetic (Norefil).


-Breathable thumb immobilizer splint.

-Quervain Splint.

-Epicondylitis bracelet.

-Neoprene thumb cuff.

-Neoprene wristband.

-Metacarpal wristband in neoprene.

-Elastomer knee pad. 

-Neoprene knee pad.

-knee-pad labeled in neoprene.

-Knee immobilizer fixed flexion at 0/20 º.

-Reinforced knee brace.

-Neoprene anklet.

-Neoprene ankle strap with cross bandage.

-Elastomer anklet.

-Breathable ankle stabilizer with thermoplastic plates.

-Walker Ankle Stabilizer orthosis.


-Digital arm Tensiometer.

-Digital wrist Tensiometer.

-Mercury-free thermometer (gallium).

-Digital thermometer.

-Flexible digital thermometer.

-Large screen digital thermometer.

-Pregnancy Test.


-Humidifier 2.2 L.

We are at your disposal for any advice, information or budget you may need:

Tel: +34 963363215 and 963564140. Customer Service.

Whatsapp: +34 655 930 708. Commercial.

Fax / Tel: +34 963671551. Administration.

From Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

C / Juan Verdeguer, 25 and Río Ulla, 5 46024 Valencia. Spain.

e-mail: disalud@disalud.com

Web: www.farmaciadisalud.com and www.disalud.com